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Episode #18: Special #ThisCatholicGirl We discuss the Catfishing of the Catholic Community, an article by Chase Padusiak.  I list my favorite REAL twitter accounts.

Episode #17: Confession We discuss the history of confession, funnies, and personal stories with Adam Minihan, has of The Catholic Man Show.

Episode #16: Priestly Celibacy This Catholic Life Podcast: Priestly Celibacy and your REAL questions! Is priestly celibacy biblical? Isn’t it just to keep priests from leaving their money to their children? Is it unnatural? Doesn’t it get lonely? Find out as we talk with and ask a priest.

Episode #15: list my favorite IG accounts and I have guest Trent Horn. Trent Horn tackles common atheistic claims about the Bible, as well as protestant misunderstandings. Find Trent’s books and more at

Episode #14: Discussing World Youth Day, Ad Orientem, & Feminism: Cancer or Cure?

Episode #13: The men of The Catholic Man Show, Adam Miniham and David Niles, stop by to discuss a post I did inspired by THEIR show. The post lays out the signs of authentic masculinity. It can be found here: The Catholic Man Show can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as St Michael Radio, SoundCloud and Breadbox Media!

Episode #12: I was blessed to have Haley Stewart of Carrots for Michaelmas, on this episode. We talk about her life, liturgical living, tattoos, and being the person you are meant to be. The books mentioned in the show are available on her website. Recording was a blast, and I hope to have her on again, someday!

Episode #11: Devin Rose is the author or Protestant’s Dilemma and Navigating the Tiber, both published by Catholic Answers. You can find them at Catholic Answers, Amazon, and your local Catholic book store! The Rosalie Contrite Youtube Channel can be found:

Episode #10: I announce appearance on CatholicTV (, an itunes rating raffle for a FREE PRINT from the ContriteCatholicShop announced, I tell two powerful stories about trying to live the Year of Mercy, and the debut of a new segment “Pints with the Palos’”. You can always reach me at or

Episode #9: I recall some memories from the life of my grandfather. I discuss what may have been God reaching out to me OR complete coincidence. I tell the story, anyhow! Take it with a grain of salt.Mariano Contrite and I review the Divinity game (catechism learning game), found here:
Show Notes: I mention:
– Humane Vitae by Pope Paul VI (Cardinal Montini prior to Papal election)
– Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalksa: Divine Mercy in My Soul (specifically passages 810; 811)
– John 16:22 (link to shop and image)
– A Refutation of Moral Relativism by Peter Kreeft

Episode #8: My Conversion Pt 2; Signal Graces; Marriage with Martina of Little Southern Blog. Show Notes: Visit the Contrite Catholic Shop. Books mentioned: Reasons to Believe by Scott Hahn, A Refutation of Moral Relativism by Peter Kreeft Good News by Christopher West Books mentioned by Martina of Little Southern Blog: Something other than God by Jennifer Fulwiler, Like Living Among Scorpions by Jennifer Fulwiler. Visit Little Southern Blog.

Episode #7: Media and Marriage: My husband Mariano Contrite and I discuss media intake in a candid way, processing it in real time for your listening pleasure! I think we learned a lot thinking about this topic. Please write us with concerns and ideas!

Episode #6: Let’s talk about sex, baby! NFP and more, with Martina! Show Notes: You can find Dr Janet E Smith and many of her published works here :Find a free copy of Humanae Vitae. Find Martina, on the show today: Find more information on NFP, including the Marquette method: Always feel free to contact me at!

Episode #5: My Conversion Pt1; Review: Dolls from Heaven; Listener Feedback Topic: Holy Doors; My Conversion Pt 1; Review: Dolls from Heaven
Notes: I discuss my visit to my grandparents and my journey NOT through a Holy Door. The article and pictures can be found here ( Review of Dolls from Heaven. Find them at . Listener Feedback: Danielle, Cleo’s Man, and Lauren.

Episode #4: Eastern Catholicism with Rosie of “Christmas in January
Topic: Chicken Pox; Eastern Catholicism; Married Priesthood; Abortion/Politics/Faith in the UK
Notes: Find Rosie, at her own blog: Christmas in January; the priest I reference in the show is a man who was a married deacon. His wife died, so he moved onto the priesthood. He is a joyful witness. I have a great respect for the celibate priesthood, so do not take this as a disapproval of that practice.

Episode #3: The week from Hades!
Topic: Crazy week; Get to know me and Martina a bit better; listener feedback
Notes: I apologize vehemently for my liberal use of um and but! I shall do better next time! Thanks for putting up with me.

Episode #2: Review Veils by Lily; Obedience
Topic: Obedience
Notes: Veils by Lily; Little Southern Blog 

Episode #1: Redeptive Suffering: Rosalie Contrite; Leila Miller
Topic: Show layout; Redemptive Suffering with Leila Miller
Notes: Little Catholic Bubble Blog











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