Are you condemning evil or contributing to it?


We MUST speak out against clear evil. We always must, even if it upsets people and even when no one wants to hear it; however, we must resist another related evil.
We must resist the evil that is seeing ourselves as holy and upright because we boldly and bravely condemn evil.

We must not fall prey to the temptation to be cruel and malign other sinners simply because we are not guilty of the sin they commit. We must not give in to the temptation to purposefully be offensive because we believe anti-political correctness a virtue. Rudeness is not of God. His followers are meek and kind, full of grace.

Do not accept the truth in such a way that it allows Satan to sit between your heart and the truth, distorting the message turning you bitter, hateful, and arrogant. Satan doesn’t fear you having the truth. He fears you disseminating it with charity and compassion, for who would be turned from that truth?

Yes, we must have compassion. Compassion is not “being nice” or “not being offensive” but to suffer with someone. It is co-suffering. You cannot suffer with someone whom you do not know or with whom you have not spent any time. You cannot co-suffer with someone whom you are busy wounding.

The Pharisee did not mistake Jesus for condoning the sin of the sinners with which he spent time, and likewise you to can go out as salt and light preaching a message of truthful love and understanding. No one is converted by prideful grandstanding and vitriolous judgement.

Beat your chest before the chests of other wounded sinners, “mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!”


Why I don’t care if you are PC


I recently posted this on my Facebook page:
Extreme political correctness is fascism masquerading as manners. It was originally devised to silence dissenting opinions without the need to formulate an argument. It does this extremely well.

Predictably, this elicited some comments from the closest of friends, aghast at my response! They couldn’t believe I didn’t support something like being cordial or manners! I will share with you what I said. Take it with a grain of salt, if you will!

“Simply labeling everything that we don’t want to hear as hate speech is a lazy tactic. Someone doesn’t agree with me? Oh, well! It doesn’t “harm my physical safety” to have someone hold an opinion different from mine. I don’t need to scream until they are ultimately silenced like a sycophantic infant.
It is a fallacy that others are responsible for how YOU feel. We are all responsible for our own actions and emotional responses. We cannot merely be reactionary, or we aren’t more emotionally mature than my 1 year-old.
There are certainly groups who mean to spew hate and intolerance, but that isn’t what I am referencing. Holding an opinion that does not find its locus in the cultural zeitgeist, will get you labeled as someone who speaks hatred. This is simply false. Someone can have an opinion that isn’t in agreement with mine, much like yours right now, and it’s not hate speech.”

The response came, stating that political correctness and manners are intertwined, stating “I also believe that you can express those opinions in a PC, respectful manner. I don’t think being PC is about what you believe, it’s about how you express what you believe“. To this, I responded:

“I’m definitely talking about political correctness and not manners. Political correctness is the focus on the correct terminology which can change at the whim of any group, and not the decorous or indecorous nature of the address. How do we determine what is politically correct? Is what you deem the correct terms, correct, or is it what I do? Whichever you say, why? How shall we determine moving forward? This is a charge brought against many well-meaning people today.
I’m not talking about monsters who truly mean harm. I’m saying that it is ridiculous (and unfair) to vilify people for using terms when they meant no harm. What is acceptable should not be determined by an outside source. It varies culturally and colloquially, and heaven forbid something I say offends someone unintentionally. I hope they don’t crucify me, just as I will not crucify them for labeling me anything other than bi-racial or whatever designation I’m supposed to promote today.
I’ve had people in my own extended family refer to me as Oriental. Am I going to get bent out of shape and cry oppression and white-privilege because (he or she) doesn’t know that oriental describes inanimate objects and that Asian is the term for a person? Nope. Doesn’t affect me at all.
I’ve certainly been called everything from a “rice cracker” to a “mutt” to “Heinz 57”
. None of these terms came from people who meant any harm by them whatsoever, and I choose not to let it dictate my self-worth, self-esteem, and mood. No one has that much power over me.
No one is responsible for my actions or emotions but me, and I think a good number of people could do with following that attitude of personal responsibility.
Do I think it’s awful when people throw out slurs? I don’t love it, but I don’t think their lives need to be ruined for it”

My ultimate worth is drawn from being made in the image and likeness of God. As the daughter of a King, the opinions of others do not bother me! I am only concerned with the opinion of one being, and I am not above my master. They hated Him, and so they may hate me.