Enough with the immodesty promoting blog posts….

July 9, 2017
This guy knows whats up, and he CARES about the souls of women. I wish all men were so moral and charitable.

It happened, again. Summer is so hard for upright women of God like myself. It is filled with selfish men who disregard the souls of biologically driven women so that they might wear whatever they please. Women are only responding naturally, the way God made them. This is not their fault.

Note the strategically placed overnight bag intended to make you think about sex!
Note the strategically placed overnight bag intended to make you think about sex!

Mass was a minefield. Men wearing tight pants that draw the eyes to their posteriors. You’re telling me they aren’t advertising something? You’re telling me they aren’t trying to make me desire them? I don’t believe anyone could be so naive. Why else would they dress like that? IF they didn’t want me to look, they would make themselves frumpy and grandfatherly. No, these men are attempting to provoke sin. They are disregarding the souls of women for the sake of fashion. Could anything be more sinful and uncharitable?

It’s like if I struggle with kleptomania, obviously any of the shop owners in town that allow their shops to remain open are in a state of sin because they are leading me to sin. Why is this so hard to grasp!?

Men should be asking their wives before they leave the house, “is this modest? Does this make you think lustful thoughts?” Wives should have the final say since only they know what goes on in the mind of a woman, particularly teenage girls.

Look at them. They literally have no control over their reactions.
Look at them. They literally have no control over their reactions.

Have you ever actually seen the bedroom of a teenage girl? They are so flushed with hormones that they wallpaper their rooms with “Belieber” posters and other men in various stages of attire! This is real! This is biological! Women are physically not able to just look away. Their hormones are raging! We need to have charity toward them. We need to stop being so selfish. It’s fashion. SOULS ARE AT STAKE!

Does it really matter if a man leaves the house intending modesty? No, it matters if he incites lust, and he needs to concern himself with the souls of the women around him! We can’t control the thoughts of others, but we can control what we wear. Men need to start throwing women a bone, instead of just crying foul when a woman howls at them or gives them a stare down. Would you really be wearing that second button unbuttoned if you didn’t want others to know about your assets? That’s what I thought. Pigs!

Shemar, we see you, and we upright women will not be taking your bait...Ok, maybe just a glance...
Shemar, we see you, and we upright women will not be taking your bait…Ok, maybe just a nibble…

I yearn for a time such as we had prior to the 1930’s when men were not allowed to trapse around without a top in public. They flaunt their nippled chests and stomachs with impunity today, and all so that they can “go swimming and have fun.” You better believe they are asking to be grabbed and oogled. They are basically wearing underwear in public. They only difference is the fabric. Would you wear your underwear in front of another woman?! They mean to give us BEDROOM THOUGHTS.

They will get no sympathy for me if they are victimized! They should know by now this is a woman’s world and women have hormones and drives. We can’t be expected to just look away and think about something else. That is ridiculous. That’s not how God made us.

This guy knows whats up, and he CARES about the souls of women. I wish all men were so moral and charitable.
This guy knows whats up, and he CARES about the souls of women. I wish all men were so moral and charitable.

I hope for the day when men dress with dignity. Modesty isn’t only about covering our bodies. It’s is about revealing your dignity! These men need to see their innate dignity and stop wearing the equivalent of underwear or asset accentuating suits in public.

Let us all pray for these lost men who have no idea the effect they have upon women, that they may see the error of their ways and the beauty of puritanical modesty. Amen.


No one told me: What I wish I had known about sex before marriage

Anonymous Guest Post

No one told me: What I wish I had known about sex before marriage

 Of course, I was told to wait for marriage and I considered it, at first.  People in my life were telling me to wait. The reality remains that undetectably and over time, the culture, my friends and even, the adults that I knew, did not really expect me to wait. The movies I saw didn’t show waiting, and many of the people in my life as caregivers or relatives had or were cohabitating.

I had babysitters in my life who told me how I could get contraception, secretly. I had friends tell me about how they got free birth control from Planned Parenthood. The pills they gave me never warned me about the pain that they would cause. I knew that the prevailing wisdom was to wait, but that was it. No one ever told me why. Without the why, the what is useless.

Of course, today I know the why. I can tell you with 100% certainty, if I had known the why, I would have waited. No question. This is the pain that I live with, and the choice that lead me to great dysfunction in my life, for a time. I would have waited had I known. I wish people had believed in me. I wish I had known WHY waiting is wonderful.

As a young adult, after I had already given away what rightfully belonged to my husband, my mind was always pondering, “What can I do next to keep him interested? What level of depravity can I jump to so that I will seem alluring and captivating?”

I often wore next to nothing. I was so numb and dead inside from making myself vulnerable and being left by people who said they loved me. Immodest dress ensured constant attention. I didn’t care where it came from, so long as it came. The stress of constantly needing to be exciting because that’s what Cosmo says, was so demeaning and depressing long-term.

I had to become very masculine in my behavior because I had no excuse for not wanting to be together, when I was on contraception. Some freedom….

The culture told me that there was something fundamentally wrong with my natural, healthy body. I was broken, and I needed to be fixed with contraception. If I didn’t think so, I was at best naive, and at worst, reckless and irresponsible. What no one ever told me was what sex was supposed to be. No one ever told me it was the physical renewal of marital vows, which would only be a lie, if I were not married.

No one told me the emotional connection that would be formed as the result of a powerful chemical, oxytocin, released in the body during these encounters. This chemical has been shown to cause women to overlook the bad in their partners – even abusers. It’s the same hormone that is released when women nurse their newborn babies, to help them only see the wonderful in the baby during those first trying weeks. That is the kind of power you fight against when you misuse the greatest gift given to mankind. No one told me that. Yes, I should have waited for marriage. Why? No one told me. No one had answers.

These answers, I would blessedly find later in life.

There is so much comfort and safety knowing that you aren’t being compared to anyone else in your martial relationship. That is what you can have if you wait. Your spouse won’t have to imagine you embracing another in a way only meant for them, if you wait. Anyone worth being with, in this way, is someone who will wait with you.

It is so beautiful to share something exclusively with your spouse. It is so wonderful to be able to not stay in a bad relationship because of a powerful physical bond. For both parties to respect and understand the natural design of the human body and to take responsibility together, is so unitive and lovely. This means waiting, yes.

For both of us to know that an openness to life is the expectation always and that there is no pressure to try “freaky @&$#” anymore, has given me so much self-worth. I know a true embrace wherein my fertility, my flaws, and all that I am is accepted by another. Some people never know this, today.

I am no longer an object. I do not need to give a man anything to become worthy. I am a woman with a great potential to bear children, and I do not need to alter myself because children aren’t a bad thing. I do not need to neuter myself to become like a man. I don’t wonder if my husband is bored. I feel satisfied with the experience, like I never was before I accepted the teachings.

The “rules” are not there to hate on your fun. The “rules” are not unlike a user manual. When you get a car, you get a manual which tells you the kind of gas to put in the car. If you don’t listen, things aren’t going to run well, and so it is with humans. If you step outside the great plan, things don’t run well.

I wish to close with the following statement:

I wish I had waited. I wish I had never experienced being a “freed feminist” on contraception who could do whatever, whenever. I became nothing more than an object and my partner, an object of gratification for me. I’ve spent the greater part of my life trying to overcome this sadness and damage that has left scars.

If you cannot decide whether or not you want to wait, for me, for countless women who wish that they had, for yourself, and for your future spouse, please consider waiting. Anyone worth giving yourself to will wait with you.

When you finally share that embrace with your spouse one day, knowing it is something only YOU TWO share, you will not regret it. I’m glad I told you, because no one told me.

Recommended reading. Books that would have changed my mind about waiting:




25 comebacks to family size comments

It never fails. A complete stranger will come up and the first question they ask you is about your sex life. The world is full of “creepy todds”…

They ask if you are done, if you know where babies come from, and if you are getting sterilized now. They ask anything and everything they want, because you are now in the subhuman class of people who decided to welcome children freely from God! Shame on you!


To make it a little easier to endure, I give you a list of my favorite (snarky and best left unsaid) comebacks to questions about family size. Use them at your own risk!

1. Congratulations! You are the 10th person to say something about the kids today! Please accept this free baby on our behalf!

2. Yes, we know where babies come from now and we won’t be drinking the municipal water, ANYMORE!

3. What do you mean am I done? They are so fun! Are your children not awesome?

4. Shhh…they aren’t really all mine. I have a rare form of kleptomania which causes me to snatch children.

5. We keep saying we are going to stop, but my husband/wife is just so attractive, THAT JINXY MINX!

6. Well, they are all MINE, but my husband is only the father of about half of them…shhh!

7. No, I don’t know where they come from, and it’s been making me crazy! Do you have time to explain it to me?

8. Fixed? Why? I’m not broken like your head seems to be….

9. Well, I really want a reality show, and my husband loves free child labor, so I think we will keep going!

10. Did you seriously just ask me about my sex life? I have mace.

11. If you worried as much about (insert neglected interest of conversant ie. school) as you do my family size, you would have (insert extreme achievement such as attending Yale), by now. (Best for the nonstop, repeat commenter! Don’t throw down this kind of snark to the innocent first timer!)

12. Jesus said “let the children come to me”.

13. Got to keep my government benefits coming somehow!

14. We value family and God’s will over money, so probably…

15. Some people have all the luck!

16. I have found favor with the Lord, amiright?!

17. They aren’t really mine, I just enjoy taking a ton of kids to the grocery store for fun! It’s the latest Olympic sport, and I am going to qualify this year.

18. Are you kidding? Do you see how perfect I am? There simply MUST be more of me!

19. Why? Do you want to buy one? We’re having a buy one, get one half off sale!

20. Got to keep the man tied down somehow!

21. Well, if I stop, my husband might make me get a job!

22. Shh! I’m building an evil empire!

23. I have a bad habit of misplacing them, so I wanted to have spares.

24. Yes, I order them off of Amazon during their Black Friday sale!

25. What? I don’t know who these people are! Security! CALL SECURITY!!!

Please post your favorite lines in the comments 😀 (Yes, I know I’m snarky…I had a baby keeping me up all night! 😉