Is Modest Hottest?

August 10, 2017


Let me go ahead and spoiler alert, here. Whether modest is hottest is not something about which I’m actually going to debate. Whatever the hell I want to wear, be it “modest,” whatever that means as per your culture and chronology, or not, is not subject to a ratings system by a bunch of pharisaical, undisciplined, self-righteous men. I don’t care if you think modest is hottest. I do not want you to “guard my purity,” a thinly veiled attempt to shame me for looking like a woman in public. I don’t want to be hott or not hott in your eyes.

I am a human person with innate dignity, worthy of respect, a value which goes is far deeper beyond the superficial judgement of my clothing.


The whole concept of modesty seems it cannot be separated from pleasing the eyes of men. This is so perverted with which to begin. You have heard it said “leave a little to the imagination.” Why? So I can titilate you with my purity and mystery? I am not a pleasure item to be consumed by men. I do not exist to serve aesthetic pleasure. I am not dressing with placating men or others in mind. I am dressing with MY dignity in mind, my self respect which IS charity toward others.

Can we not see that these slogans #ModestIsHottest and #LeaveALittleToTheImagination are both reinforcing the erroneous idea, that women exist to please the eye of men? That’s all this modest or not is about right now. It’s certainly not about helping men avoid lust. If it were, would Modest Is Hottest even make sense?


You’re telling me that you are advocating a type or standard of clothing that is “hottest,” a colloquialism for sexy or wildly attractive? How is that at all focused on preserving a woman’s dignity? How is that about charity toward men, if the very act of modesty is apparently making women even more irresistable, more easily objectified?

As per usual, the women blaming and shaming debate on clothing and modesty has little to do with virtue, chastity, or dignity, and it has everything to do with lording over, controlling, and subjugating women. Where are the admonisions imploring upright men to discipline their own gaze and minds or to avoid pools if that is their cross? No where. It’s not about chastity. It’s about shouldering women with the lion’s share of the guilt and shaming them into accepting it. Deep down, it must also be about avoiding being truthful to themselves. If they focus on it being someone else’s fault, they do not have to indict themselves, they are not at fault.

Will I be dressing modestly? I will be dressing to reveal my dignity and my value as a human being. Will I leave anything to the imagination? Only someone who looks upon me as an object would allocate me as visually mysterious or not. I do not dress for these disgusting and perverted men. I dress for me, for my dignity, as an example for my daughters, and knowing that I am equal to men (See the Catechism), in intellect and value.

What will I wear? Whatever the *#$% I damn well please, and if it doesn’t trip your trigger, I will be one happy woman.


Rosalie’s Fall Favorites 2016

October 15, 2016

Why am I doing a fall favorites? It’s fall and I have favorites?  Absolutely NOTHING was sponsored or provided. Anything was purchased with my money and made the list because I love it and want to share it with you. Fear not for my purchased favor!

Rosalie Contrite Fall Favorites 2016

1. Red hair color. There is something so beautiful about leaves turning brilliant reds and oranges, crunching beneath your boots. Whether you go for a small section or all over, I think red is fitting for fall! I use Loreal HiColor available at beauty supply stores.


2. Essie Angora Cardi. This color is everything! It looks great on all skin tones, and I adore it for fall. Looking good on ALL skintones makes it an extra special winner for me. You will have to look for it quite diligently. It’s sold out everywhere and auctioning on ebay for over $100 a bottle!


3. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Cherry Skies is a blackened red and the perfect seasonal clothing for your smacker. NYX says it’s a longwear color, but it does not dry down like other longwear colors I have tried. This does allow it to be hydrating. I line mine using a darker shade, to create dimension. If you like this formula, the color Vintage is also worth wearing and is less dramatic. It’s not as bold.


4. Fall beckons you to come to the fire and read a good book. Why not improve your mental state? I recommend this book: On the Other Side of Fear by Hallie Lord. She shares with the reader how her relationship with God changed and how she found peace in this anxious and stressful world. Thank you, for sharing your heart Hallie. The book can be readily found on Amazon.


5. When the weather gets colder, my skin dries out and I cannot take daily showers. Dry shampoo is my best friend. I am not a friend of Batiste. I know! How uncool of me? I prefer Not Your Mother’s brand dry shampoo. This allows me to buy a little more time between showers in the dry winter months, without looking hella oily.


6. Speaking of dry skin, I recommend the chrism scented solid lotion bar from the Catholic Balm Co. Three reasons: It smells like a baptised baby, it’s not messy and easy to carry around, and it works! I swear the scent lifts the mind to Godly things! Find at


7. A choker. Nothing creates 90’s nostalgia like a black velvet choker. Indulge your childhood, you milennial, you! I pair mine with a 4-way medal.

8. The Rosary. October is the month of the rosary and it’s a great time to commit to praying even just a decade. I carry it with me and find little moments here and there!


…and that concludes my Fall Favorites! Until next time, offer it up, buttercup!