Let’s be honest: social media isn’t reality.

January 7, 2017

I am guilty, just like many other social media personalities. I only post the funny, the adorable, the pretty. My intention is to uplift and connect with others who are sharing similar experiences, but this comes at a risk.

I wish to mitigate this action today, with an ounce of honesty. I look like Helena Bonham carter in Sweeney Todd most mornings. My wardrobe is shoddy, my skin is bunk, and somedays, I feel like a crazy person. I get nervous and unsure of myself, too. I’m nothing special aesthetically or intellectually.

I don’t tell you this, so you’ll pity me or send me compliments. Please don’t. I’m OK. I tell you this so you never look upon me or any of my profiles and think, “She looks like she has it all together. She’s always put together!” This is false. It’s not reality and do not ever compare yourself to unreality.


Do not ever think less of yourself on my account or any other person on social media. I promise that they are not showing you the less pretty side, the truthful side. No one is witty, beautiful, and put together all the time, and you should never feel less because another paints themselves as such.

May you always seek and find Him,