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THIS CATHOLIC LIFE: a podcast for REAL Catholic women



I am very excited to announce a coming podcast from The Contrite Catholic: Rosalie Contrite called THIS CATHOLIC LIFE. It will be in concert with tenured, guest co-host Martina of Little Southern Blog! Please, send us your hopes for topics, your wants, ideas, and feedback! Podcast links will be posted here and Little Southern Blog, as they become available!

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We hope to cover REAL Catholic life! From NFP pitfalls to bikini debate to kids drinking Holy Water, we are going to discuss it in a refreshingly REAL way!

If you hope to see this as a lasting effort, please support us by spreading the word and letting us know!

Pax Vobiscum, Nerds!

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January 27, 2016

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Cartoon depiction of my real life.


Interview with a Catholic Toddler

October 26, 2015

 “Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

– Matthew 19:14

 The following is an unscripted interview with a three-year-old about her Catholic faith.

Interviewer: Thank you for joining me, today. Are you excited for your interview?

Toddler: YES! I love talking to you!

I: Wonderful, let’s begin. Please, tell me how you feel about Jesus.

T: Well, he’s great. He knows God & Mary. I bet he’s ticklish like me. I want to give him flowers. I fink he likes flowers.

I: Fascinating. How can we love people like Jesus?

T: The number 6.

I: ….the number 6?

T: Yes, the number 5 and 6 (Shows me 6 fingers).

I: How can we love people like Jesus?

T: We jus’ try again.

I: Wise beyond your years. Yes. How do you feel about church?

T: Good. It’s like a square and a triangle. It looks like a castle. I like to go.

I: What do you think of the priest, the guy at the front?

T: He says Mass for God. He wears a pretty dress like this (motions a long dress). It’s green. He looks like a giant pickle (Giggles).

I: Indeed. Good observations. Do you have a favorite saint?

T: I like Mary mother of God. And…St Board (pretends to ride skateboard).

I: St Board? What is St. Board the patron saint of?

T: Skateboards!

I: Fascinating. He must be busy. So you like Mary. What do you think about her?

T: I fink she’s full a gwace, and I fink she would like to be in the jungle. I don’t fink she likes flowers, but she’s very pretty. She has a byoo-full dress.

I: Very deep. What do you think about kneeling during the Mass?

T: I think we should change it to kneeling in a garden. I like gardens (gestures like she’s holding a flower).

I: That would be nice! You like the ‘sign of peace’ a lot. Is that your favorite part?

T: Can we add water to that garden? I think the garden should have water!

I: Sure, why not? So, you don’t like the ‘sign of peace?’

T: Oh, I LOVE that! I like it when my mommy and daddy hug me, and, then, I talk to other peoples. We dress very pretty.

I: This has been very fun, but I think we should wrap this up for today. Would you like to add anything?

T: I fink….I fink we need to count all deez everybodies.

I: Very wise. We need to count everyone.