Cardinal Sarah said what about African culture?

August 23, 2017

I would like to post the full Cardinal Sarah quote as I have seen it flying around and misused for everything from racism to self interests.

 The proof texting of the first sentence is not only misrepresentative but self serving. He did not say to ignore African or any other culture. Having a culture baptized into the faith is very different than promoting it. 

People have taken this to mean African culture has no place in the liturgy- they even rejoice of it. For some reason, medieval white culture is king. How lucky for them, right? 

There is a great deal of difference between promoting culture and considering the demographic in which we worship. This is why the Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Catholics is no less valid or holy. 

I have had to sit through enough masses with a pony-tail wearing, tambourine-wielding, guitarist complete with back-up drummer, to know it doesn’t get worse than that. Talk about sacrilege! 

This misrepresentation is disgusting and not what he said. Do not be a fool and be jerked around by people who would misuse his words for their own ends. 

I am an African. Let me say clearly: the liturgy is not the place to promote my culture. Rather, it is the place where my culture is baptised, where my culture is taken up into the divine. Through the Church’s liturgy (which missionaries have carried throughout the world) God speaks to us, He changes us and enables us to partake in His divine life.

– Cardinal Sarah 

Until the next time I get ticked off,

R O S A L I E    C O N T R I T E 

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