Slavery, Abortion, and Genocide: You either oppose all or support all

August 1, 2017

Hard truth, here: bias, politics, greed and egocentrism often cloud our minds, but in each of these cases a group was legally deemed less than a full human because of course, you can’t own/kill a full human. 

How have the monsters of history gotten around that? They had two choices, the could either make murder of anyone legal OR they “legislate” a group into lesser status they deemed unworthy of full rights. History has shown us which path the monsters of the past have chosen. 

We need not make these mistakes again. I often hear the question, “which side of history do you want to be on?” in regards to social justice topics. 

I want to be on the side of the maligned, the mistreated, the disenfranchised, and the voiceless. 

Consider these proposals I have heard regarding these three cases:

1. The civil war was about states rights and not slavery. 

2. Legalization of abortion is about women’s rights, and not killing those who cannot speak.

 3. Naziism was about rejecting communism, and not genocide. 

I disagree with each and every one of these vehemently. If you disagree with one, you must disagree with all, or you are not being logically consistent or intellectually honest. Each of these cases targeted killing and/or dehumanizing a single demographic: African Americans, the unborn, and those of Jewish heritage. Next time you think your #pro-choice stance is fighting to give rights to a minority, consider the unborn, the only minority without a voice.

R O S A L I E   C O N T R I T E 

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