Concerning the battle to be the most Catholic blogger…

January 22, 2017

Fellow Catholic bloggers can vehemently disagree on topics, and it can often turn into a pissing contest. I have certainly partaken in the past, but we must resist the urge to be “more Catholic than the Pope.” 

Here are some of my thoughts. 

If we do not eat with the sinners and the sick, they will not know of the Lord and it will be our fault. We will have robbed them and failed Him. 
The cause whatever it is, should never become more important than treating others with dignity and respect. 
If you dismiss or turn away everyone who doesn’t agree with you or see the fullness of truth, you will have no one left with which to share this truth. We are one body, not a bunch of single cell organisms. 
Love one another as I have loved you. Go like Christ, to the lepers and be unfraid of catching leprosy. The Lord did not isolate himself, and so neither should we.

Offer it up, Buttercup. 

R O S A L I E  C O N T R I T E

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